For optimum consumable life, cut quality and speed for your ESAB® PT-19XLS and PT-600 cutting process, choose our best-performing Centricut® XP3 consumables. Thanks to Hypertherm's latest plasma technologies, they last twice as long as OEM parts, and cut faster, too.

Cut consumable usage in half

  • XP3 consumables last, on average, twice as long as OEM
  • Reduce system down time associated with consumable changes

Increased productivity

  • XP3 consumables typically cut 25% faster than the OEM – at equivalent power levels
  • Process more parts per hour and more sheets per shift

Centricut XP3 vs. OEM
Cut quality over life of consumables
Cut quality measured according to ISO 9013 ranges 3 and 4

System: ESP-200/300/400/600C/1000, PCM-150/1500/8XL


PartNo Reference Description
C47-081 37081 Shld Rtnr
C120-920 N/A Shld MultiPort 200A
C120-900 N/A Shld MultiPort 260A
C120-936 N/A Shld MultiPort 360A
C47-944 21944, 0004470031 Diffuser 100-600A
C47-496 22496 Diffuser 100-600A Rev
C122-082 N/A Noz Ret Cap Quick-change
C47-082 37082 Noz Ret Cap
C120-200 N/A Noz Tip CoolFlow™ 200A
C120-260 N/A Noz Tip CoolFlow™ 260A
C120-360 N/A Noz Tip CoolFlow™ 360A
C120-2200 N/A Noz Kit CoolFlow™ 200A 20 Pack
C120-2260 N/A Noz Kit CoolFlow™ 260A 20 Pack
C120-2360 N/A Noz Kit CoolFlow™ 360A 20 Pack
C120-030 N/A Noz Base Assy CoolFlow™
C120-1010 N/A Elctd Silverline®
C47-142 948142, 0558002533 Gas Swl Baf 4X.032 100-280A
C10-660 0004485803, 0558001625, 35660 Gas Swl Baf 300-600A


PartNo Reference Description
C96-621 0558001621 Elctd Hldr
C47-073 0004470044, 37073 Screw Contact Rng
C47-071 37071, 0558003858 Contact Rng Assy
C96-042 N/A Mntg Nut Elctd Hldr PT-600
C122-8050 0558003804, 0558001825 Tch Head Quick-change
C96-6000 0558001825 Tch Base PT-600 Quick-Change
C96-6100 0558001825 Tch Kit PT-600 Quick-change
C122-081 N/A Kit:IHS Wire Assy
C122-088 N/A Bullet Plug Kit:ESAB QC Tch
C47-006 0004470034, 181W89 O-Ring Noz
C122-072 N/A O-Rng Kit Bullet Plugs
C122-073 N/A O-Rng Kit Mtg Nut
C122-087 N/A O-Rng Kit Ret Cap
C120-012 N/A Wrench Elctd-Noz
C120-013 N/A Wrench Noz Base

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