Lower overall cost

  • SilverLine® electrodes deliver exceptional cut quality and fast cutting speed over the full life of the consumables

  • Centricut consumables are competitively priced in the market

  • Local stocking and fast delivery from reduces your inventory costs

SilverLine electrode technology

  • Slows wear

  • Maximizes usage

  • Extends electrode life

Through the use of solid state welding technology and optimized coolant flow, SilverLine® technology slows the wear of hafnium, the material which produces the plasma arc, by more efficiently removing heat from the electrode. By maximizing the silver-hafnium interface and optimizing the geometry of the silver, Centricut SilverLine electrodes can be used 25 to 300% longer than other silver-copper and all-copper electrodes.

System: HiFocus 100®


PartNo Reference Description
C106-081 .11.835.201.081 Protection Cap Z501
C106-561 .11.835.201.1561 Swl Gas Cap 1.5mm Z4015
C106-571 .11.835.201.1571 Swl Gas Cap 2.0mm Z4020
C106-1571 .11.835.411.1571 Swl Gas Cap 2.0mm Z4520
C106-581 .11.835.201.1581 Swl Gas Cap 2.5mm Z4025
C106-591 .11.835.201.1591 Swl Gas Cap 3.0mm Z4030
C106-1581 .11.835.411.1581 Swl Gas Cap 3.0mm Z4530
C106-171 .11.835.401.1571 Swl Gas Cap 4.0mm Z4140
C106-1591 .11.835.411.1591 Swl Gas Cap 4.0mm Z4540
C106-160 .11.835.201.160 Noz Cap Complete 0.4mm Z3004
C106-162 .11.835.201.162 Noz Cap Complete 0.8mm Z3008
C106-406 .11.835.221.406 Noz 0.6mm O2 Z2006
C106-407 .11.835.221.407 Noz 0.7mm O2 Z2007
C106-408 .11.835.221.408 Noz 0.8mm O2 Z2008
C106-409 .11.836.221.409 Noz 0.9mm O2 Z2009
C106-410 .11.835.221.410 Noz 1.0mm O2 Z2010
C106-610 .11.835.411.610 Noz 1.0mm Z2510
C106-411 .11.835.221.411 Noz 1.1mm O2 Z2011
C106-412 .11.835.421.412 Noz 1.2mm O2 Z2112
C106-112 .11.835.221.412 Noz 1.2mm O2 Z2012
C106-612 .11.835.411.612 Noz 1.2mm Z2512
C106-414 .11.835.421.414 Noz 1.4mm O2 Z2114
C106-614 .11.835.411.614 Noz 1.4mm Z2514
C106-616 .11.835.411.616 Noz 1.6mm Z2516
C106-153 .11.835.221.153 Gas Guiding Cap 0.4mm O2 Z101
K106-253 .11.834.321.153 Gas Guide Cap Z111
C106-303 .11.835.421.303 Spacer Z111A
C106-1021 .11.835.421.3101 Elctd SilverLine® O2 Z012
C106-1001 .11.835.221.3101 Elctd SilverLine® O2 Z002
C106-101 .11.835.211.5101 Elctd Z042
C106-5101 .11.835.411.5101 Elctd Z052


PartNo Reference Description
027055 8-4025, 632-596 O-Ring Lube

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