Lower costs

  • Centricut® consumables provide equal performance to Kjellberg® standard and neo consumables, but at a competitive price.

  • SilverLine® electrodes and CoolFlow™ nozzles deliver exceptional cut quality and fast cutting speed over the full life of the consumables.

  • Local stocking and fast delivery reduce your inventory costs.

Keyless nozzle design

Centricut’s patented nozzle design for Kjellberg PerCut 210M, PerCut 221M, PerCut 450M, and PerCut 451M torches provides better performance and improved cooling around the orifice and o-ring.
  • Its simple design is a universal replacement for all Kjellberg keyed nozzles.
  • No tools or special keys are required for installation.

System: HiFocus® Systems


PartNo Reference Description
C124-081 .11.848.201.081 Protection Cap G501
C124-515 .11.848.201.1515 Swl Gas Cap 20A G4015
C124-520 .11.848.201.1520 Swl Gas Cap 60A G4020
C124-525 .11.848.201.1525 Swl Gas Cap 90-130A G4025
C124-530 .11.848.201.1530 Swl Gas Cap 90-200A G4030
C124-535 .11.848.201.1535 Swl Gas Cap 200A G4035
C124-540 .11.848.201.1540 Swl Gas Cap 200A G4040
C124-604 .11.848.201.1604 Noz Cap 20-35A G3004
C124-628 .11.848.201.1628 Noz Cap 60-200A G3028
C124-406 .11.848.221.406 Noz CoolFlow™ 25A G2006Y
C124-407 .11.848.221.407 Noz CoolFlow™ 35A G2007Y
C124-408 .11.848.221.408 Noz CoolFlow™ 60A G2008Y
C124-410 .11.848.221.410 Noz CoolFlow™ 90A G2010Y
C124-412 .11.848.221.412 Noz CoolFlow™ 130A G2012Y
C124-414 .11.848.221.414 Noz CoolFlow™ 160A G2014Y
C124-417 .11.848.221.417 Noz CoolFlow™ 200A G2017Y
C124-145 .11.848.221.145 Gas Guide G101
C124-145C .11.848.221.145C Gas Guide 20-200A G101C
C124-146 .11.848.221.146 Gas Guide G102
C124-1000 .11.848.221.300 Elctd SilverLine® G002Y
C124-142 .11.848.201.142 Cooling Tube G901Y

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