Lower costs

  • Centricut consumables provide equal performance to Kjellberg consumables, but at a competitive price.

  • SilverLine electrodes and CoolFlow nozzles deliver exceptional cut quality and fast cutting speed over the full life of the consumables at a fraction of the cost of all silver electrodes.

  • Even with a rebate, the Kjellberg solid-silver electrode is no match to the value of the Centricut SilverLine electrode.

  • Local stocking and fast delivery reduce your inventory costs.

System: FineFocus 800 Plus®


PartNo Reference Description
C117-155 .11.833.101.155 Swl Gas Cap 3.5MM V4335
C117-157 .11.833.101.157 Swl Gas Cap 4.5MM V4345
C117-550 .11.833.101.1550 Swl Gas Cap 3.0MM V4330
C117-156 .11.833.101.156 Swl Gas Cap 4.0MM V4340
C117-159 .11.833.101.159 Swl Gas Cap 6.0MM V4360
C53-158 .11.833.101.158 Swl Gas Cap 5.0mm V4350
C117-081 .11.841.721.081 Protective Cap T502
C117-261 .11.833.121.261 Protective Cap V502
C53-261 .11.833.101.261 Protective Cap V501
C117-271 .11.836.901.271 Swl Gas Noz T521
C117-0271 .11.836.921.271 Swl Gas Noz T522
C117-1271 .11.833.121.271 Swl Gas Noz V522
C117-163 .11.836.901.163 Noz Cap T3030
C117-164 .11.836.901.164 Noz Cap T3045
C117-165 .11.836.901.165 Noz Cap T3060
C53-790 .12.37790 Noz Cap
C117-015 .11.846.921.415, .11.836.921.420 Noz CoolFlow™ 1.5mm 120A T2115Y
C117-020 .11.846.921.420 Noz CoolFlow™ 2.0mm 200A
C117-025 .11.846.921.425 Noz CoolFlow™ 2.5mm 250A T2125Y
C117-027 .11.846.921.427 Noz CoolFlow™2.7mm 300A T2127Y
C117-030 .11.846.921.430 Noz CoolFlow™ 3mm 360A T2130Y
C117-780 .12.37780 Noz CoolFlow™ 1.5mm 120A ArH2 A1
C117-620 .11.828.511.620 Noz CoolFlow™ 2mm 180A ArH2 A3
C117-910 .12.40910 Noz CoolFlow™ 2.3mm 300A ArH2 A2
C53-850 .12.40850 Noz L2 Air 250A
C117-153 .11.836.921.153 Gas Guide T101
C117-154 .11.836.921.154 Gas Guide T102
C117-542 .11.836.921.1542 Gas Guide T104
C53-860 .12.40860 Gas Guide Cap
C117-1000 .11.844.921.300 Elctd SilverLine® O2/Air T012Y
C117-0550 .11.828.911.550 Elctd ArH2 K5
C53-870 .12.40870 Elctd K2 Air


PartNo Reference Description
C117-152 .11.844.901.152 Water Tube T902Y
C117-230 .11.828.911.230 Water Tube V951
K53-440 .12.51440 Cooling Tube Air PB-S75

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