Lower overall costs and improve cut quality

  • Centricut consumables last two to three times longer than Kaliburn consumables up to 275 amps and on average more than 50% longer at 400 amps.

  • Achieve substantially higher cut quality over the life of Centricut consumables compared to Kaliburn.

  • Centricut lava swirl rings are more robust than Kaliburn ceramic swirl rings at a substantially lower cost

  • Centricut low-amperage stainless steel consumables have more than 20% longer life than Kaliburn consumables.

System: Spirit® 150a, 200a, 275a, 400a, Spirit®ll 150, 275, 400, ProLine® 2150, 2200, 2260


PartNo Reference Description
C107-154 277154, BK277154 Outer Cap
C107-050 284150, BK284150 Ret Cap Outer 400A
C107-145 277145, BK277145 Shld Cap 30A MS/AL
C107-144 BK277144, 277144 Shld Cap 30A SS Air
C107-115 277115, BK277115 Shld Cap 50A MS
C107-149 277149, BK277149 Shld Cap 50A SS Air
C107-150 277150, BK277150 Shld Cap 70A
C107-286 277286, BK277286 Shld cap 100A Air
I107-146 277146, BK277146 Shld Rng 100A SS H17
C107-117 277117, BK277117 Shld Cap 150A
C107-274 BK277274, 277274 Shld Cap 200A
C107-263 277263, BK277263 Shld Cap 275A
C107-123 BK284123, 284123 Shld cap 400A MS
C107-153 277153, BK277153 Ret Cap 30-70A
C107-110 277110, BK277110 Ret Cap Inner 30/50 A SS Air
C107-151 BK277151, 277151 Ret Cap 100/150A
C107-152 BK277152, 277152 Ret Cap 150A
I107-113 BK277113, 277113 Ret Cap 70/100A SS H17
C107-266 277266, 200219, BK200219, BK277266 Ret Cap 200/275A
C107-121 BK284121, 284121 Ret Cap Inner 400A MS
C107-120 277120, BK277120 Noz CoolFlow™ 30A MS/AL
C107-021 BK277121, 277121 Noz CoolFlow™ 30A SS Air
C107-122 277122, BK277122 Noz CoolFlow™ 50A MS/AL
C107-023 BK277123, 277123 Noz CoolFlow™ 50A SS Air
C107-125 277125, BK277125 Noz CoolFlow™ 70A
I107-124 BK277124, 277124 Noz 70A SS H17
C107-284 277284, BK277284 Noz CoolFlow™ 100A Air
I107-126 277126, BK277126 Noz 100A SS H17
C107-293 BK277293, 277293 Noz CoolFlow™ 150A AIR
I107-297 BK277297, 277297 Noz 150A SS H17
C107-289 BK277289, 277289 Noz CoolFlow™ 200A Air
C107-269 277269, BK277269 Noz CoolFlow™ 275A MS
C107-276 BK277276, 277276 Noz CoolFlow™ 275A SS/AL Air
C107-025 284125, BK284125 Noz CoolFlow™ 400A MS
C107-140 BK277140, 277140 Swl Rng 30/50/70A H17
C107-138 277138, BK277138 Swl Rng 30 A SS Air
C107-142 277142, BK277142 Swl Rng 50/70A
C107-283 277283, BK277283 Swl Rng 100A Air
I107-141 277141, BK277141 Swl Rng 100A SS H17
C107-139 BK277139, 277139 Swl Rng 150A
C107-143 277143, BK277143 Swl Rng 200A
C107-259 277259, BK277259 Swl Rng 200A SS H17
C107-258 277258, BK277258 Swl Rng 275A
C107-022 284122, BK284122 Swl Rng 400A
I107-190 277190 Elctd Marking
C107-130 BK277130, 277130 Elctd 30A MS/AL
C107-137 277137, BK277137 Elctd 30/50A SS Air
C107-131 277131, BK277131 Elctd 50/70A
I107-132 BK277132, 277132 Elctd Copper 70A SS H17
C107-1082 BK277282, 277282 Elctd Silverline® 100A
I107-133 277133, BK277133 Elctd 100A SS H17
C107-1092 277292, BK277292 Elctd Silverline® 150A
I107-135 277135, BK277135 Elctd 150A SS H17
C107-1091 BK277291, 277291 Elctd Silverline® 200A
C107-1070 277270, BK277270 Elctd Silverline® 275A
C107-1024 284124, BK284124 Elctd Silverline® 400A MS


PartNo Reference Description
C23-001 N/A Swl Rng removal tool
C107-007 277007, BK277007 Cooling Tube
C107-091 N/A O-Rng Kit Tch Head
C107-126 N/A O-Rng Kit Rear Tch Plugs
C107-019 N/A O-Rng
C107-020 N/A O-Rng
C107-9050 BK279050, 279050 Tch Base Spirit 150-275A
C107-9150 279150, BK279150 Tch Head Spirit 150-275A
C107-1050 N/A Tch Kit Spirit 150-275A
C107-9100 279100, BK279100 Tch Head Spirit 400A
C107-1000 N/A Tch Kit Spirit 400a
C107-9000 BK279000, 279000 Tch Base Spirit 400A
C107-300 N/A Plasma Gas Tube
I107-7000 277000 Tch Body
I107-056 277056, BK277056 Noz Removal Tool
I107-7087 BK277087, 277087 Elctd Tool
028872 N/A Torch Coolant
027055 8-4025, 632-596 O-Ring Lube
I107-134 820134 Tch Handle

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