ESAB’s PT-36 torch is key to the productivity of ESAB’s m3 Plasma, the industry’s most advanced plasma cutting system. Rugged and reliable, the PT-36 torch replaces up to three single-purpose torches for heavy plate cutting, precision cutting and marking. This state-of-the-art torch provides superior cutting functionality and high productivity over a wide range of materials and thicknesses, with minimal set up time, downtime and consumable cost.


  • High precision, multi-gas torch replaces up to three single-purpose torches
  • Precision close tolerance concentricity for optimum straight or bevel cutting with highest cut quality and consumable life
  • Patented Posi-Thread design simplifies consumables installation, prevents thread damage on electrode, electrode holder, and torch body
  • Versatility to select the combination of gases, speed, and cut quality for the job
  • Low current micro-nozzle cutting, precision plasma cutting, thick plate cutting, and water injection cutting, all with the same torch
  • Cut and mark with the same consumables on a range of materials
  • Smaller, less expensive electrode lowers operating cost
  • Requires fewer parts to purchase and stock
  • Speed-Loader aids in consumable changes without o-rings or expensive spare torch bodies
  • Eliminates need for water chiller for cooling water, reducing power and maintenance costs 
  • High quality, low cost stainless steel cutting using water injection

System: EPP-200/360/400/600


PartNo Reference Description
C47-081 37081 Shld Rtnr
C122-395 0558009395 Shld Rtnr insulated Std
C122-392 0558009392 Shld Rtnr Insulated XC
C122-394 N/A Sleeve Cap Std
C122-393 N/A Sleeve Cap XC
C122-624 0558007624 Shld 2.4mm 45-55A
C122-130 0004470027, 0558005458, 21795, 0558006130 Shld 3.0mm 35-50A
C122-141 0558006141 Shld 4.1mm 100-280A
C122-166 0558006166 Shld 6.6mm 260-450A
C122-199 0558006199 Shld 9.9mm 360-600A
L47-796 21796, 0004470031 Diffuser 50A
C47-944 21944, 0004470031 Diffuser 100-600A
C47-496 22496 Diffuser 100-600A Rev
C122-082 N/A Noz Ret Cap Quick-change
C47-082 37082 Noz Ret Cap
C122-908 0558001880, 0558006908 Noz Coolflow™ 0.8 mm 35A
C122-8010 0558008010 Noz Coolflow™ 1.0mm PR 45-55A
C122-6010 0558005456, 0558001881, 0558006010 Noz Coolflow™ 1.0mm 50A
C122-014 0558006014, 0558001882 Noz Coolflow™ 1.4mm 100A
C122-018 0558006018 Noz Coolflow™ 1.8mm 130A
C122-020 0558001883, 0558006020 Noz Coolflow™ 2.0mm 200A
C122-023 0558006023, 0558001884 Noz Coolflow™ 2.3mm 280A
C122-025 0558006025, 0558002608 Noz Coolflow™ 2.5mm 300A
C122-030 0558006030 Noz Coolflow™ 3.0mm 360A
C122-036 0558006036 Noz Coolflow™ 3.6mm 450A
C122-041 0558006041, 0558001887 Noz Coolflow™ 4.1mm 600A
C122-1059 0558005459 Elctd SilverLine® O2 45-90A
C122-1014 0558003914 Elctd Silverline® 200-450A
C122-1091 0558007791 Elctd Silverline® O2 260-450A
C122-1000 0558003914, 0558012000 Elec SilverLine® O2 100-450A XC
C122-928 0558003928 Elctd SS/AL 600A
C122-457 0558005457 Gas Swl Baf 4X.022 35-70A
C122-533 0558002533 Gas Swl Baf 4X.032 100-280A
C122-530R 0004485804, 35661, 0558002530R Gas Swl Baf Rev 360-450Amp
C10-660 0004485803, 0558001625, 35660 Gas Swl Baf 300-600A
C122-548 0558009548 Shld Rtnr XC
C122-551 0558009551 Shld 5.1mm XC
C122-766 0558010766 Shld 6.6mm XC
C122-550 0558009550 Noz Ret Cap XC
C122-948 N/A Noz Ret Cap Quick-change XC
C122-619 0558011619 Noz CoolFlow™ 1.9mm 200A XC
C122-722 0558010722 Noz CoolFlow™ 2.2mm 260A XC
C122-625 0558011625 Noz CoolFlow™ 2.5mm 360A XC
C122-028 0558006028 Noz CoolFlow™ 2.8mm 450A XC


PartNo Reference Description
L122-3918 0558003918 Elctd Hldr Removal Tool
C122-924 0558003924 Elctd Hldr
C47-073 0004470044, 37073 Screw Contact Rng
C47-071 37071, 0558003858 Contact Rng Assy
C10-483 0004470135, 19483, 0558001626, 37064 Double Thread Mntg Tube
C122-055 N/A Mntg Nut Elctd Hldr PT-36
C122-8050 0558003804, 0558001825 Tch Head Quick-change
C122-8000 0558003804 Tch Base PT-36 Quick-change
C122-8100 0558003804 Tch Kit Quick-Change PT-36
C122-9100 0558003804 Tch Kit PT-36 XC Quick-Change
C122-081 N/A Kit:IHS Wire Assy
C122-088 N/A Bullet Plug Kit:ESAB QC Tch
C122-850 N/A Air Curt Kit QC Tch Std
C122-950 N/A Air Curtain Kit QC Tch XC
C122-391 N/A Air Curtain Body Std/XC
C122-106 N/A Coupler Air Curtain
C122-107 N/A O-Rng Kit Air Curtain
C122-072 N/A O-Rng Kit Bullet Plugs
C122-073 N/A O-Rng Kit Mtg Nut
C122-087 N/A O-Rng Kit Ret Cap

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