Lower costs

  • SilverLine® electrodes deliver up to twice the life of OEM copper electrodes

  • Centricut consumables are competitively priced in the market

SilverLine® electrode technology

  • Slows wear

  • Maximizes usage

  • Extends electrode life

Through the use of solid state welding technology and optimized coolant flow, SilverLine technology slows the wear of hafnium, the material which produces the plasma arc, by more efficiently removing heat from the electrode. By maximizing the silver-hafnium interface and optimizing the geometry of the silver, Centricut SilverLine electrodes can be used 25 to 300% longer than other silver-copper and all-copper electrodes.

System: Fineline® 200PC


PartNo Reference Description
C104-210 200210, BK200210 Outer Cap
I104-233 BK200233, 200233 Shld Cap 30A SS
C104-231 BK200231, 200231 Shld Cap 50-70A
C104-232 BK200232, 200232 Shld Cap 100A
C104-234 BK200234, 200234 Shld Cap 200A
C104-217 BK200217, 200217 Ret Cap 30/50/70A MS/AL
C104-218 BK200218, 200218 Ret Cap 100A
C107-266 277266, 200219, BK200219, BK277266 Ret Cap 200/275A
C104-223 200223, BK200223 Noz 50A MS/AL
C104-224 200224, BK200224 Noz 70A MS
C104-225 BK200225, 200225 Noz 100A MS
C104-239 BK200239, 200239 Noz 100A AL/SS
C104-227 200227, BK200227 Noz 200A
I104-279 200279, BK200279 Swl Rng 30A SS
C104-277 BK200277, 200277 Swl Rng 100 A MS
C104-221 200221, BK200221 Swl Rng 200A MS
C104-214 200214, BK200214 Elctd 50-70A MS
C104-1005 200215, BK200215 Elctd SilverLine® 100A MS
C104-215 200215, BK200215 Elctd 100A MS
C104-115 202115, BK202115 Elctd 200A MS
C104-1015 202115, BK202115 Elctd SilverLine® 200A MS


PartNo Reference Description
C104-112 200112, BK200112 Cooling Tube
C104-109 200109, BK200109 Wrench Cooling Tube
I104-200 200000, BK200000 Tch Body
027055 8-4025, 632-596 O-Ring Lube

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