With Centricut® plasma consumables for your ESAB® cutting system, you can maximize consumable life and lower your operating costs, without sacrificing cut quality or reliability.

System: Precision Plasmarc


PartNo Reference Description
C70-531 22531 Shld One Piece with IHS Tab
C70-931 N/A Shld without Tab
C70-712 21712 Shld Rtnr Insul w/ O-Rng
C70-010 22010 Shld Cup Insul
C70-007 22007 Noz Rtnr Diffuser
L70-540 21540 Noz A 15A
L70-541 21541 Noz B 30A
C70-542 21542 Noz C 50A
C70-543 21543 Noz D 70A
C70-923 21923 Noz E 100A
L70-852 21852 Swl Baf 15A
L70-536 21536 Swl Baf 30A
C70-692 21692 Swl Baf 50-100A
C70-1039 21539UL, 21539 Elctd SilverLine®
L70-714 950714 O-Ring
L70-797 638797 O-Rng
L70-W62 86W62 O-Rng


PartNo Reference Description
L70-725 21725 Water Baf
L70-758 21758 Tch Body
027055 8-4025, 632-596 O-Ring Lube

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