Lower overall cost

  • SilverLine ® electrodes deliver exceptional cut quality and fast cutting speed over the full life of the consumables

  • Centricut consumables are competitively priced in the market

  • Local stocking and fast delivery reduces your inventory costs

Consumable life with cut quality ≤ ISO 9013.2002(E)* range 4
130 A cutting of 10 mm stainless steel
130 A cutting of 10 mm stainless steel
* For 10 mm steel, kerf angle cannot exceed 6.33°

SilverLine electrode technology

  • Slows wear

  • Maximizes usage

  • Extends electrode life

Through the use of solid state welding technology and optimized coolant flow, SilverLine technology slows the wear of hafnium, the material which produces the plasma arc, by more efficiently removing heat from the electrode. By maximizing the silver-hafnium interface and optimizing the geometry of the silver, Centricut SilverLine electrodes can be used 25 to 300% longer than other silver-copper and all-copper electrodes.

System: HiFocus 160i®


PartNo Reference Description
C106-081 .11.835.201.081 Protection Cap Z501
C106-561 .11.835.201.1561 Swl Gas Cap 1.5mm Z4015
C106-571 .11.835.201.1571 Swl Gas Cap 2.0mm Z4020
C109-551 .11.835.201.1551 Swl Gas Cap 2.2mm Z4022
C106-581 .11.835.201.1581 Swl Gas Cap 2.5mm Z4025
C106-591 .11.835.201.1591 Swl Gas Cap 3.0mm Z4030
C106-1581 .11.835.411.1581 Swl Gas Cap 3.0mm Z4530
C109-580 .11.835.411.1580 Swl Gas Cap 3.5mm Z4535
C106-171 .11.835.401.1571 Swl Gas Cap 4.0mm Z4140
C106-1591 .11.835.411.1591 Swl Gas Cap 4.0mm Z4540
C109-590 .11.835.411.1590 Swl gas cap 4.5mm Z4545
K109-160 .11.842.401.160 Noz Cap 0.4mm S3004
C109-162 .11.842.401.162 Noz Cap 0.8mm S3008
C109-621 .11.842.401.1621 Noz Cap 0.8mm S3018
C109-622 .11.842.401.1622 Noz Cap 0.8MM S3028
C109-406 .11.843.021.406 Noz 0.6mm 25A S2006X
C109-407 .11.843.021.407 Noz 0.7mm 35A S2007X
C109-408 .11.843.021.408 Noz 0.8mm 50/60A S2008X
C109-409 .11.843.021.409 Noz 0.9mm 70/80A S2009X
C109-410 .11.843.021.410 Noz 1.0mm 80/90A S2010X
C109-411 .11.843.021.411 Noz 1.1mm 90/100A S2011X
C109-112 .11.843.121.412 Noz 1.2mm 100A S2112X
C109-412 .11.843.021.412 Noz 1.2mm 100-130A S2012X
C109-414 .11.843.021.414 Noz 1.4mm 130-160A S2014X
C109-114 .11.843.121.414 Noz 1.4mm 130A S2114X
C109-614 .11.843.111.614 Noz 1.4mm 120A S2514X
C109-416 .11.843.021.416 Noz 1.6mm 160A S2016X
C109-116 .11.843.121.416 Noz 1.6mm 160A S2116X
C109-616 .11.843.111.616 Noz 1.6mm 140A S2516X
C109-618 .11.843.111.618 Noz 1.8mm 160A S2518X
C106-153 .11.835.221.153 Gas Guiding Cap 0.4mm O2 Z101
C109-154 .11.835.221.154 Gas Guiding Cap 0.4mm Z102
K106-253 .11.834.321.153 Gas Guide Cap Z111
C106-303 .11.835.421.303 Spacer Z111A
C109-1010 .11.843.021.310 Elctd SilverLine® O2 XL S002X
C109-1030 .11.843.121.310 Elctd SilverLine® O2 XL S012X
C109-510 .11.842.411.510 Elctd S042
C109-1510 .11.842.511.510 Elctd S052


PartNo Reference Description
K109-152 .11.842.401.152 Cooling Tube S901
027055 8-4025, 632-596 O-Ring Lube
K109-100 .11.843.021.100 Tch Head Quick-Change

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